Our most popular service, the group walk is perfect for dogs who like to socialise. With a maximum of 6 dogs per group, your dog gets the care and attention they deserve whilst also having the opportunity to play with friends. We will need to introduce your dog to the group first to make sure they all get along, and they must be vaccinated and spayed/neutered. 

Second dog from the same home £10 p/hour




Our individual walks are perfect for dogs who need some extra attention. If you have a puppy in need of training, a dog not used to walking on the lead, or one who is anxious around other dogs, our individual walk is right for you. We give your dog the space and individual care they need.



£25 p/day (up to 8hrs)

Plus £5 p/day collection/drop-off

Plus £5 p/day puppies under 1yr

The perfect solution for the sociable dog - hang out at home with The Confident Dog! For dogs who like company during the day, spend it with us in our home. Comfy sofas, sunny garden, lots of individual attention and delicious treats, plus two walks a day! What more could our doggie friends ask for? 



£40 p/night

When we say home from home, we really mean it. Let you furry friend come and stay with us while you're on holiday and they'll get a holiday too. We take care of your dog in our home so they get all the creature comforts they're used to. Collection and drop off to your home included. 





Ideal for independent cats while you’re on holiday, or for kittens who need some extra attention during the day. We'll take time to fuss and play with your cat, as well as feeding, emptying the litter tray, or anything else they need. Our dog lovers are cat lovers too!





Our longer visits are great for puppies, kittens, or older pets who need more attention. We will spend time with your pet doing whatever he or she likes best (within reason!). We can also help with basic training, a visit to the vet or a trip to the groomer. Just let us know what you need.





Overnight stays are a great way to give your dog or cat the routine it is used to. Our pet-sitter will stay 8pm to 8am offering security and comfort to your pet as well as your home.  Combine with our group or individual walks during the day so your pets can stay home, but not alone.  




£160 initial consultation

£60 p/h follow-up visit

Whether your dog barks and lunges on walks, is urinating in the home, or has taken issue with the cat, we can help tackle problem behaviour with a plan personalised for you. Our philosophy is that kind is best. So whatever we do, we'll be using positive, reward-based methods, and helping to develop a strong, trusting bond between you and your dog. So all dogs can be confident dogs.  




If you have dogs, cats or other small furries and the service you want isn't listed here, please get in touch. Our pet sitters have a wealth of experience with hamsters, rabbits, ferrets and all manner of other pets and will be only too happy to help. Please get in touch for an individual quote.